Qing Qing’s Art Expo experience

When I went to the ART EXPO with my friend, we really attracted by the environment around Navy Pier. I didn’t expect a lot and I thought if I finished early, I would walk around the lake and just relax. However, the Art Expo was so amazing that we spent the whole afternoon in the gallery.


This project was a series of birds which called “TELL IT TO THE BIRDS”. At first, I just attracted by the different geometric heads of birds, they were really interesting. There was a little “HOUSE” which covered stacks of fabric(I think). We could get into that house and when you talk to the bird, the bird would translate your sentence to the bird’s language. We got in and had a try. We sat in the centre and a microphone in front of us. We tried English but it didn’t response us. Then we tried Chinese, it responded! It quite interesting that after the bird response you, you would repeat what it said!It’s really a way to learn a new language and if you have secret, you can just tell them.


This two pieces are in a series. I really like the design just around head. They both inspired me that there are lots of possibility to used the pattern or the way to express when I am designing. I want to make some sculpture like this as well.


This piece is also my favorite. When i came close to the work, it was not a digital work but a painting. The brushwork was pretty flat and the gradual change of color was so natural and tidy.If you gazed at this work for a long time, when you move to another direction, this image and color still appeared in front of your eyes. This kind like a magic.

For me, I don’t really attract by painting but more about sculpture,3D objects and collages. IMG_0225IMG_0137IMG_0223

Here are some pieces I liked.

IMG_0138 IMG_0189

They were good works but didn’t attracted me a lot.

I really enjoy this trip and there are lots of works inspired me. It helped me to see more types of work and the creation and the possibility of everything around you.

(By the way, If you go to the Navy Pier at the afternoon around 7, the view of the city and lake from the highest position of fairy wheel is excellent!!!!)



It is my first time to go to the ART EXPO, it was pretty amazing.

Sadly, I didn’t have enough time to finish exploring it. But I do find some works that are really interesting…


This work reminds me my childhood. When I was young,I love candy, so every time I would collect the wrapping paper of the candy I ate. When I washed the wrapping paper up, and then rubbed it, it will look just like this work. Also, it is big enough to reflect my entire body, this makes me feel like I am living in my childhood. Lastly, I like the texture of this work, and the light reflection, the color tone of it can make people think about dream and outer space.


This one is quite unique, when I pass by the display hall, I saw the ground of this room was covered by these shinning plastic papers. At first, many of us was kind of hesitate to step in this hall, because we’re not sure if we can step on these. Then, a man near me walked in this hall, gradually, all of us stepped our feet in here, felt how it feels like to walk on these and hey! We are now a part of this artwork!


This is an oil painting, when you look at it from a distance, you will see a lot of tiny people on the canvas. However, when you come closer, you will be surprised by the way these people were made. They are all made with oil paint! If you look at this picture, you can easily tell how it was made. I think this way is really brilliant, because it makes people feel all these tiny figures on this canvas are three-dimensional.


I went to the expo with my friends, one is now studying oil painting in SAICIMG_3026 when she saw this work, she said: ouch! This would take a lot of money! As we know the price of oil paints are really expensive.

My other friend is just a college student in Chicago, studying food science, when she saw this workIMG_2961IMG_2938She was like, Oh, I just don’t get it. I just don’t understand art!!!.




Jessie’s Art Expo Experience

As this was my first time going to Art Expo, I had no idea what to expect. I have attended art fairs before but at a much less elegant and more “crafty” level. The first thing I noticed was how unbelievably crowded it was. I had never seen people so furiously look at art. I spent three hours on sunday there, and it took almost everything out of me. The experience was extremely mentally and physically exhausting. I didn’t even get to see everything and I felt art-ed out.

The work was incredible and put me and my friends in a very inspired love-y mood. There was a nice array of mediums and types of art. I was surprised to see that Theaster Gates had curated a section as well as Shaquille O’Neal. The first piece I really  loved was this strange sculpture/projection. It really captured my attention because of its strange nature and the way it took control of the whole room. It also had sound which muttered weird sayings about society and self in a crazy manner which made the viewers uncomfortable.


The second piece that caught my eye was this beautiful hyper-realistic painting, Steven Assael’s “Bride”. Normally, I’m not into hyper-realism, but this painting conveyed such an emotion that it was impossible not to appreciate it’s sad beauty. From the color choices to the expression on the woman’s face, this piece is flawless.


My absolute favorite piece from Art Expo was a simple blown-up letter that seemed to be written by a child. With certain words scratched out, this piece gave me and my friends an eerie feeling that we couldn’t itch away. This piece was stuck in my head for the remainder of the time I spent at Expo and I even found myself thinking about it later that night and again the next day. I think there is a strange link between the childish way it is presented and the gravity of the chosen words that were left out to be read.


And then there were pieces that I did not like quite as much…

A lot of pieces I felt were too forced in trying to be “contemporary” or abstract. The first of these was this series of fabric stretched on a canvas. This piece left me with no feelings but confusion and slight irritation at the fact the curator seemed to be bothered that young people were in her booth.

The second and third image also left me with an empty feeling.

I was surprised to see that the third image was priced at 2 million dollars.

Although I do love a lot of contemporary art, some of it just feels too contrived and slightly annoying to me.




Overall, my first Art Expo experience was amazing and I will definitely look forward to going again next year and comparing it to this years. I met interesting people and was able to connect and talk about art with my friends, who all have drastically different tastes.


Study 1

securedownload-2 securedownload-3

I created this project as more of a science project than an art one. It started very basic with a simple outline; find 3 participants, have them document their  thoughts everyday and their faces every week, then watch how both develop over time. However, like most things, it worked better on paper than it did in real life.

I was seeking a way to document a person’s “change” both physically and emotionally. I was inspired to pursue this from the recent loss of friendships I have had with people I believed to be my soul mates. I felt that there could not possibly be a better way to understand when and how a person changes than getting an actual record of their thoughts.

I still find this to be true, however I feel this experiment explores a topic a little different than that. I feel it became more about the idea of comfort and discomfort with someone you really don’t know. The participants were asked to be very vulnerable, allowing me to get inside their head, and display that along with their image, to really whomever I wanted.  They remained very helpful the whole time, but at times showed slight discomfort towards the idea. I began to realize exactly how large of a part comfort was to this project, and now I would almost consider that to be more of the topic of the project or at least equal to that of which I originally intended.


Preservations – Dawn Radford

This project began by taking a sixty-minute walk revisiting an area that was once familiar to me, Plainfield IL. I carried along side: a sketchpad and a digital camera. My route became desolate footsteps of a forgotten past. After returning home and reviewing my recordings of sketches and photographs, I noticed a changed form. Though the buildings and surrounding objects placed by person were familiar from memory, they were also distinctively different. They each had a new unique quality about them. Something that was unforced. Deterioration.

Below are photos from my walk.



This new form fascinated me. I revisited the area again and focused primarily on this deterioration on people-made objects. I collected photographs and sketches of micro-like and organically abstracted forms. Though the beauty in this unstoppable force of deterioration didn’t completely satisfied me. I began to do more research on the abandon buildings in the same area. Solely colleting photos of restricted areas blocked by sign of “Trespassers will be prosecuted” and “Warning,” I discovered places where mass deterioration is in, what people may call, the “final stages.”

Below are some photos from these restricted areas.



With the photos I became very interested in building up forms. I started by taking the negatives and transferring them onto a canvas. I wanted to keep the structure imperfect so I used technique where I wouldn’t have control of the outcome. From there I began to build up the surfaces. These pieces have become very personal and therapeutic. The only control of preservation is recording and rebuilding. Which by continuous collecting I hope to capture these forms from time. 


Tae Kim’s Project Z

photo unnamed


For my project Z, I am trying to depict the change in weather in related to architectural concept. My idea had been developed from collecting the picture of buildings in Chicago and installing different weathers inside the picture through Photoshop. I was trying to make the view of Chicago by placing different set of pictures in different weather. However, there were some limitations of depicting the town in every side and perspective, I changed the idea to create the actual buildings. It has been changed to collecting data of altering weather and attaches together to create the form of buildings. Since the image of the data are regular and in shape of rectangle, I imagined to easily make the form of city buildings. Also, the different types and sizes of the data would widen the view of the building in diverse material. After than, I will create different types of buildings and make another collection with the buildings. For my final look of this project will be a looks like a small street or the view of the Chicago River of different types of the buildings. The buildings will be standing next to each other. There will be two or three set of the buildings facing towards each other to make the shape of street or the river. The overall size that I am looking for this project is about 11 by 17 inches. This idea is still in development for better impact on its beauty.